Dinner with Secretary of State (四)


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By Max Zhuang

Photographers: Henry Guo, Andy Wang

On December 5, 2014, APAPA held a celebratory dinner for its youth volunteers; at a Chinese Cuisine Restaurant, many young Asian American, mostly high school students, gathered to celebrate their accomplishments in voter registration for the previous midterm election.

I, Max Zhuang, a student volunteer for the organization and an incoming Dartmouth College Freshman next fall, was invited to the dinner for continued participation throughout the months of voter registration; Lillian and Linda Du, twin sisters were also invited after registering thirteen voters. Shannon Yan, another student from my area, the APAPA Tri-Valley Chapter, was also invited for her efforts. Many volunteers arrived with different merits that contributed to APAPA's voter registration efforts.

To add to the celebration, Bay Area region President Joel Wong and APAPA Co-Founder CC Yin were there inviting Secretary of State Debra Bowen to present awards of achievement to the few APAPA volunteers that went above and beyond registering voters. Tri-Valley Chapter President, Andy Li, Vice President, Min Tsao, VP and Treasurer, Nancy Chen, and other board members were also all in attendance showing immense appreciation and pride in all the work their youth volunteers have contributed.


2014年12月5日,APAPA - Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association亚太裔美国公共事务联盟举行了青年志愿者的和加州州務卿 Debra Bowen 女士一起的庆祝晚宴, 在Fremont的中餐馆举行。许多年轻的亚裔美国人,大多是高中生,齐聚一堂,庆祝这些年轻人在前中期选举期间对华人社区的贡献 -他们鼓励华人参加选举投票,并且登记成为选民。

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APAPA联合创始人 C.C. Yin 先生和Bay Area region President Joel Wong邀加州州務卿 Debra Bowen 女士为选民登记义工颁奖,Debra 给了义工们极高的鼓励和评价, 说注册工作需要投入很多时间和精力,在劝说他人时需要有很强的应变能力。因为劝说他人,尤其是比义工们年龄大的成年人成为选民是很不容易的事情。高中生们都激动地和Debra拍照留念,记住这难忘地时刻。双胞胎姐妹Lillian and Linda Du 一起努力共登记了13个选民。还有和我住在一个城市的Shannon Yan 工作也很积极努力。

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三谷分会主席 Andy Li ,副主席Min Tsao和其他APAPA成员都出席了义工颁奖礼, 并给与这些高中生极大的赞赏。Nancy Chen是APAPA三谷区青少年活动组织者,带领这些青年志愿者到中文学校,华人超市, 中秋晚会等华人聚集地方去做选民登记共登记选民99人,Andy Li和Nancy Chen为这些三谷区高中生取得的成绩而自豪。

( 作者:Max Zhuang 今年是高中四年级学生,已经被心仪的大学提前录取。)

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  1. Interesting idea for official meetings. I guess this tradition of discussing meaningful questions during the dinner could exist only in the country with the population highly concentrated on the reaching of the work goals.

  2. That is a good decision. You've posted translation here, I appreciate it a lot!